About Me

I’m a list maker. The kind of list that has a little box followed by what it is I’m listing. When I finish something I check the box and put a line through the item. Ahhhh, sense of accomplishment. So, here’s a nice list about me because that’s how I roll.

• I’ve been married for 10 years. I’m finally starting to admit that I’m older than fresh out of High School.
• I got a good man. He supports me and helps me realize my dreams and makes them come true.
• I have three kids ranging from 8-1. They follow the typical family. The oldest, Jack, likes to do what’s right, has a tender heart, and bosses the crap out of his sister. Sally’s in the middle and is cute as can be...but she is a middle child. She’s all love or all whine. Then there’s adorable Lucy who makes us laugh, smile, and melts my heart when she gives me a hug on purpose.
• My current favorite Pandora station is “Train.” Combine that with editing photos and I’m in my own little heaven.
• I can pass up cake and candy, but if there are brownies or greasy-gooey-chocolate-chip-cookies watch out.
•I love camping, though I haven’t gone much with the little ones being so small. I’ll admit that camping was a whole lot more fun when I wasn’t the Mom. Being in the outdoors away from it all is so refreshing and recharging.
• I love scouring the racks at TJ Maxx and finding a deal. It makes me feel like I won.
• I love making headbands to accessorize my girls. So far they play along pretty well.
• I haven’t joined pinterest because I’m afraid it would capture me and never let me go.
• The beach is my happy place.
• I’m currently addicted to a garden salad topped with ranch made from the packet.
• I made myself a chore chart, like I did for my kids. I like cleaning and I like lists. Double bonus.
• Flying makes me a little crazy. Not so much that we’ll crash, but more claustrophobic being stuck in something suspended in the air with no way out.
• Banana’s have a perfect ripe stage for about 12 hours, barely green and absolutely no spots on them. Then they’re yucky and make me gag.
• My favorite movie is "While You Were Sleeping". Love Sandra Bullock. I might have kids named after the main characters, but not in a weird obsessed way.
• Homemade rolls and bread are dangerous.
• Planting a seed and watching it grow into a plant fascinates me; then to see food grow on it is jaw dropping. And flowers, wow. I’m kind of in awe about how cool it is.
• I love exercising. I might even teach a mean boot camp class.
• Accidentally getting some red pepper in my eye makes the actual eye-ball swell. Don’t try it.
• The perfect ending to a day is crawling into bed and reading and easy-read-captivating book.
I have loved photography since I was a little girl. I have also been a big journal writter my whole life. I think the two go hand-in-hand. My goal is to capture real life moments. I want to be able to look at pictures years down the road and re-live that time in life through them. As I watch my own kids grow up so fast I feel like capturing moments along the way will always keep a piece of today for tomorrow. I want to make real-life moments into lasting memories.