Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Isaac

This is little Isaac. He is the fourth little one of one of my BFF's. His "older" sister (I put older in quotes because she is only 18 months...) happens to have the same birthday as my little Lucy, but one year older. This lovely family will be moving in the next couple months and it breaks my heart. There are just some people that come into your life that you instantly hit it off with and love and adore and that love and adore you back. I can completely be me and I am liked for it. She's the type of person that makes you feel good about yourself and makes you smile. What am I going to do without her around? Thanks for being such a good friend. Congrats on a beautiful perfect little boy. Good luck on your upcoming adventure. And we'll be in touch (I don't say goodbye).


Crissie said...

Thanks for taking pictures of my sweet nephew Isaac (whom I haven't met in person yet). You did a great job. We just hate not having Tara and her family here with us. I can understand why you hate to see her go. Tara's a gem. :)

Crissie (Tara's sister)

Mindeena said...

Again amazing!!! You rock my world Ginny.